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We were chuffed to be part of the 2018 Emerging Writer's Festival, with two massive events over three days. The events put a big fat focus on theatre in amongst a premier literary festival.

WRITING LIVE - a day-long theatre conference talk-fest love-in.

Writing Live was a celebration and investigation of words, texts and works. We are so very pleased at the line-up of speakers who agreed to take part: from writers with decades of experience to writers attacking the craft for just a few years; designers who work closely with writers and directors, to dramaturgs and performers who are bringing about new ways of creating and constructing works.

WRITING LIVE: THE BAKE-OFF - a two-day rapid writing feast.

A crash course in writing for performance. Whether participants were coming across from another storytelling discipline, or brushing up on basics, this was a great place to meet other creatives and get work ready for the stage. We presented this masterclass in conjunction with the Emerging Writers Festival.

The Bake-Off is a provocation – to seize the moment, turn off your inner critic, and write. To throw words down on the page, quickly and passionately; to play with the devices at your disposal, riff on the old and mix in the new, and write.  We took the core ingredients from an iconic play (Michael Gow's Away), which is itself a response to another play (and another, and another, probably…), and used them as raw material for a new play of our own. Day One was an easy suite of writing exercises and conversations about character, structure, dialogue, etc. Then participants went home with their shopping basket full of ingredients, fired up the oven/laptop and got cooking. No editing, no second-guessing – just writing. Day Two we reconvened, passed round a USB full of .doc files and shared the first taste of these piping hot rough drafts of brand new plays. It was a fantastic exercise in cutting loose, embracing provocation, trying some things out, and relishing in the joys of writing plays and hearing them out loud. No audiences, no feedback, just new words, wild ideas, and fearless playwriting.