By Rachel Perks & Bridget Balodis


Meet Chris, a tireless young astronaut departing a world where women are killed so frequently it barely rates as news, millions of people are displaced by climate change, and cyborgs are evolving exponentially. Chris is on an interstellar mission to find Earth 2.0 and save all of humanity. No biggie.

After a year of voyaging in artificial stasis in a tiny capsule— her only companions a passive aggressive operating system and a plant called Terry—Chris wakes and tries to call home. But Earth is not at all as she left it.

Part science experiment, part love story, GROUND CONTROL takes our world and fast forwards it 100 years into the future, spitting it back with a grimace. A furious, experimental comedy about violence, the technological singularity and long distance relationships, this is a confronting and passionate new performance created by the award-winning team behind ANGRY SEXX. What is it that we are moving toward? Have we already reached the point of no return?

"[ANGRY SEXX] is bold and dark, and poignantly blurs the line between truth and science fiction to make a lasting statement."
– The Music

Ground Control was first presented by Next Wave Festival in association with Darebin Arts' Speakeasy

Created by Rachel Perks and Bridget Balodis
Performers Rachel Perks and Kai Bradley, with Emma Hall, Emily Tomlins and Catherine Davies
Dramaturg Daniel Schlusser
Set & Lighting Design by Amelia Lever-Davidson and Matt Adey
Sound Design by Marcel Dorney
Costume Design by Zoë Rouse
Producer Mark Pritchard
Image and Production Stills by Sarah Walker