By Emilie Collyer


Dream Home is a penetrating comedy about life in suburbia and the rude awakenings that come when you’re trying to hold it all together.

Brian and Wendy are going up. Not in a vulgar way, it’s an ecological design. But there’s a crack growing in the wall and a foul stench seeping out. Worried about what the neighbours think they’ve invited everyone around for a BBQ to toast the future.

The past, however, has found its way onto the guest list.

As the house fills with guests both invited and unwelcome. Brian and Wendy must reconcile their middle class aspirations against war stories, comedic roasts, fallen stars and simmering libidos.

"Playwright Emilie Collyer's Dream Home is a funny, yet profoundly sad, new work. In some ways it feels like a spiritual inheritor to Patrick White's 'The Season at Sarsaparilla', sharply rendering contemporary anxieties; holding misanthropy and compassion in equipoise as it skewers, and finds unexpected poignancy in, our futile attempts to keep the Great Australian Emptiness at bay..."

"It's a talented cast and, under Luke Kerridge's direction, the actors hit upon a style of expressionistic farce that feels unstable and intricate enough to work the play's comic alienations...into a labile and insightful whole... It's great to see acting of such singular force super-charging this incongruously funny (yet profoundly sad) new work."
 ★★★★ - The Age

"A theatrical experience defined by daring and innovation" - Stage Whispers

"An intelligent, carefully structured script brought to life by skilful direction from Luke Kerridge" - Theatre Press

Dream Home was first presented by Darebin Arts' Speakeasy

The Dream Home script was shortlisted for the 2012 Patrick White Award and 2012 Edward Albee Scholarship

Written by Emilie Collyer
Directed by Luke Kerridge
Designed by Emily Collett
Sound Designed by Christopher DeGroot
Lighting Designed by Amelia Lever-Davidson & Damien Maclean
Produced by Mark Pritchard
Fight choreography by Felicity Steel
With Christopher Brown, Ben Clements, Natasha Herbert, Olivia Monticciolo, Ben Pfeiffer, Emily Tomlins and Jackson Trickett
Photography by Pia Johnson